Filling the Gaps

What for are all your cloud services,
if they do not cooperate?

In Sparkleton we specialize in linking Corporate Information Systems in real-time. Our domain is automation of publication workflows, batch conversion and transformation of business data. We focus on increasing the efficiency of administrative processes and operational workflows.

The quality of our products and services comes from more than 25 years of experience in User research, Interactive design, System analysis and comprehensive ICT customer support. Roots of our system solutions for printing industry go back to the '90s. In implementing our products, we work closely with our long-standing partners from Syesta Pro and 2OOM.

We can connect your ERP and CRM systems with printing industry services. Our solutions help eliminate routine, repetitive operations and the resulting errors. Complex DTP and Preflight operations can be reduced to minutes instead of days. 

With Sparkleton technology, creation of even sophisticated product catalogs, marketing prints or language localization is much more efficient. Our customers usually save more than 50% of their production costs. 

An important part of our work is also development of mobile and online applications, including their integration with logistics systems and marketing tools. We can give your partners and customers instant access to your business data thru mobile devices or dedicated webservices.


As modern ERP and CRM systems grow to complexity, their user interface became tight and cluttered. Even the most popular brands suffer from poor usability which leads to lower productivity. Their cloud architecture along with browser based front-end has limits which starts to hurt a lot of businesses.

Our Business Intelligence Toolkit is a typical example of a platform of the emerging post-cloud era. It is built on a modern and flexible Serverless architecture. It is multi-platform and dynamically grows along with the needs of our customers.

It allows to combine just the right features for a particular business role in one robust and reliable application …and even features from multiple systems or different vendors. This leads to remarkable productivity growth and speeds up the ROI.

Most popular features:

  • it is stand-alone and self-containing - no dependencies, no additional components needed
  • scalable and easily maintainable
  • capable to work offline (with automated data synchronization later on)
  • advanced encryption capabilities
  • completely Java-free
  • integrated image, spreadsheet and word-processing capabilities
  • native UI support for macOS and Windows (no HTML/CSS)
  • powerful SQL database environment
  • built-in HTTP server
  • support for standard like RPC, WDSL, SOAP, JSON, XML, SVG, ODBC, OCI, LDAP and more
  • built-in emailing support
  • low-level support of TCP/IP and UDP protocols
  • sandboxed Javascript and PHP interpreters

Each of our solutions can run either on macOS or Windows and can work in sync or independently. What you pick is up to you.


In 21st century we all got used to instant availability of services we need for our daily lives. Same the businesses. It is customary to combine logistics platforms, CRM or financial services in relation to our needs and to count on their availability. But what if we start facing bottlenecks, out of sync data issues or sudden connection outages?

Here is where SPARKbox ESB comes in, to save the day. Our Enterprise Service Bus can handle system-to-system communication, provide real-time data transformation services or act as a secure proxy for online, mobile or even desktop apps. It can expand your ERP of an automated publishing or comprehensive PDF solution.

SPARKbox ESB is available as SaaS including 24/7 support or as a secure and robust plug-in-server, pre-configured in cooperation with customer’s IT department. It’s modern power-efficient, fan-less architecture allows us to provide it with a 48 month guarantee. If something goes wrong, we will simply send you a new SPARKbox next business day.

SPARKbox ESB with Microsoft Dynamcs, SAP and inRiver communication.
Syesta Publisher screenshots


This application is the best solution to automate DTP operations and Print production. It facilitates processing of large projects such as publications, catalogs and sales materials for international market.
SYESTApublisher can be operated in multiple instances simultaneously without to worry about workflow collisions.

Key features:

  • content can be provided via XML, JSON files or Webservice connection
  • automated layouting
  • updating and adaptation of image resources
  • various preflight functions
  • production of printing data
  • built-in scripting capability for popular Adobe applications

The actual workflow is quite simple. It is sufficient for the designer to prepare a design template, marketing team to prepare the content of catalogue (TOC, all the copy, product data and images). SYESTApublisher will take care of the rest.

SPARKproducer screenshots


SPARKproducer is a powerful production tool, designed to control sophisticated enterprise environment, which are not possible to operate efficiently without proper management. Typical example of this kind of applications are Adobe InDesign Server or Enfocus Pitstop Server.

SPARKproducer can also be successfully used as processing queue manager for a group of stand-alone applications like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Pro or Microsoft Excel. The SPARKproducer accepts processing request from your ERP or CRM system and takes care that all documents are processed in time.

Key features:

  • advanced Load balancing
  • watching operating conditions of individual job instances
  • the appropriate administrator or designee is contacted, if intervention is necessary
  • users are informed about the status of processing of their orders and publications
  • specified DTP workplaces can be included into the rendering farm, when no operator is not present

With SYESTAproducer you can save resources and time, because you can operate just one rendering farm for all your offices around the world.

HUBRUware screenshots


When you company operates an Usability lab or if you are involved in User research, you will appreciate a comprehensive management system. With HUBRUware, UX/UI Designers and User Researchers get the whole shebang. This application covers the the process from Recruitment to Reporting.

Key features:

  • unlimited number of managed labs
  • recruitment management
  • study scheduler/lab booking
  • study costs and participant rewards
  • pre and post-test questionnaires
  • study task editor
  • logging tools (incl. export to XML or HTML)
  • user management

Since 2004, our experts have helped to design many usability labs e.g. for Sun Microsystems or MSD Prague. HUBRUware is now running the usability and VR laboratories of Czech University of Life Science Prague.

INSYLEAmule education platform screenshots


INSYLEAmule is an unique learning management system for constructivist teaching. A method, where learning is closely connected to the natural way of how the human brain functions. It leads teachers thru the class hours, helps them react adequately to inputs from students and provide them with proper feedback.

Key features:

  • editor for learning materials
  • tools for leading online lessons (Cisco Webex, e-Lecta)
  • updating and adaptation of image resources
  • moderating teaching hours in typical classrooms
  • tools for students to work with hint materials

INSYLEAmule is available through our partner Institute for Synergic Learning.

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